We're proud to announce the launch of the Voyc Dashboard, a new feature within your Workspace that allows you to access a summary of your most important interaction data all in one place. We've spent the last several months preparing the platform to build this dashboard from the ground up. We've spoken to dozens of customers to understand what information they need to know whats happening in their contact center.


We'll continue to develop and build upon the Voyc Dashboard in the coming months, but here's a rundown of the data available today.


We apply an unsupervised machine learning process to identify patterns in your conversations without the need for any training or effort on your end. Simply upload your audio conversations, we transcribe and analyse them and classify them into topics. Pro Tip: A higher conversation count will give more accurate results.


We extract the most popular keywords and phrases from your conversations to help you identify trends and new insights.


We monitor customer interactions for key emotions. Escalate customer conversations when they turn sour, or find opportunities to improve customer service scripts, dialogs and customer journeys. Emotions detected with the Voyc Analytics include frustrated, sad, satisfied, excited, polite, impolite and sympathetic.

Happy Exploring!

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