Q1: Can a compliance class have multiple Risk Ratings/Pass Threshold?

The system is designed so that the compliance class as a whole has a risk rating and a minimum threshold, and this is applied to all the phrases linked to that compliance class.

Q2: What is a Risk Rating?

If you assign a risk rating of 9 to a compliance class, it has a huge business risk if this compliance class fails. Inversely if you assign a risk rating of 3 to a compliance class, the businesses risk is lower if the associated compliance class fails.

Q3: What is a Pass Threshold?

This is the minimum acceptable threshold of the compliance class to pass. 0% means that all the phrases in that compliance class are optional, and 100% means that every phrase in that compliance class needs to be said.

Q4: Why do we have Risk Rating and Pass Threshold?

By an example, a phrase like "Please stay on the line to rate the service you received today" could fall into a compliance class with a Risk rating of 1 - i.e. if the agent doesn't say it - the business isn't going to be negatively affected. However, as you want to offer the best customer experience, you may want to make this compliance class have a Pass Threshold of 100%, meaning that it needs to be asked in the call by the agent for the class to pass and the call to be compliant.

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